CYBA, Columbia Youth Basketball serves youth grades 1st through 12th grade in Columbia Missouri. We are THE recreational league of Columbia for 25 years and are partnered with Columbia Parks and Recreation and Columbia Public Schools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Where can I get registration forms?

A  Online registration is available for grades 1 - 12. Individual registration forms can be requested in paper or email form. Email to have a form mailed or emailed to you.


Q  When does the recreational season start?

A  Practices for the 3rd - 8th grade teams will begin in mid-November. Games begin on January 8th 2022.


Why haven't we heard from a coach yet?

A  If you are in 3rd - 8th grade, your coach will contact you by early November. If you are in the 9th - 12th grade, your coach will contact you after teams have been formed no later than mid December.

1st-2nd Grade Division season begins on the first day of the season (practice and games together). Coaches should contact you by the end of November. Your team will have 2 one hour practices in December prior to the season opening. 


Q  Can I request for my child to play with a specific coach?

A  In the interest of fairness, we do not honor any specific requests for a coach and/or teammates. Teams are formed first by school (if there is a coach and enough players), then by space available on other teams and/or proximity to players home school. If there is more than one team per school, then teams within that school will be formed randomly.


Q  How do I request a partial scholarship for my player?

A  You need to contact CYBA at  and request the scholarship form. You must still sign up online. You will make your payment after the scholarship form has been received and put in the system.


Q  Can teams be preformed by players or coaches and play in CYBA?

 CYBA does not allow preformed teams to join the league. This is a recreational/instructional league. CYBA does attempt to keep players with other players from their school if possible.


Can I request to be on a specific team/coach?

A  Players have the option in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade to remain with their elementary school team. When players transition to middle school, CYBA reforms teams based on players home school. Players in 7th and 8th grade may request the same middle school team.