CYBA, Columbia Youth Basketball serves youth grades 1st through 12th grade in Columbia Missouri. We are THE recreational league of Columbia for 25 years and are partnered with Columbia Parks and Recreation and Columbia Public Schools.

Sponsored By:   Midway Optimist Club

CYBA Recreational League Rules

Please take time to read all of these rules. They will help you with practice and game situations/strategy.

3rd -12th Grade Rules Regulations

  • Practices can only be held in authorized CYBA facilities which may include gyms at Columbia Public Schools and  Gans Creek recreation complex. We have also used in the past: Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School (Columbia Catholic School), Father Tolton Catholic High School, Christian Fellowship, The Crossing if there are teams from those private schools/churches.  
  • Each team will be permitted one practice of 90 minutes per week. If a scheduled practice is cancelled due to weather or other school activity, the missed practice may be made up if a time can be worked out with the facility at which you practice or at another CYBA authorized facility.   
  • Teams may share gym space with other CYBA teams.  Middle school gyms are split. Teams may use their time to practice together, separately or scrimmage other CYBA teams.
  • Teams may scrimmage other CYBA teams within their allocated practice times.  If a CYBA team visits another authorized CYBA practice location other than their usual site, that scrimmage will count as their practice time for that week.
  • CYBA teams can not scrimmage any non-league teams at CYBA authorized or non-authorized facilities.
  • If a team is not  going to practice during their regular practice time, please notify the Columbia Public Schools representative and CYBA that you will have a vacancy (they can use your time for someone else that week) please give as much notice as possible.
  • Any violation of practice will be taken seriously and will reflect upon the individual coach.  Knowingly having more than one practice will result in the dismissal of the coach.

All CYBA games will use straight High School Federation Rules, with the following exceptions:

EXCEPTION: 1st & 2nd Grade Boys & Girls Teams

  • 1 hour session:  Approximately 40 minutes of practice and approximately 20 minutes of game time. Hoop height is 8"6"

 3-4th Grade Boys and Girls

  • No press. double teaming or trapping at any time
  • No zone defense
  • First week only, officials will give verbal warnings on travel and double dribble calls
  • Hoop height is 10' (We use the 10' hoops due to 90% of the practice facilities do not offer the dropdown nets and it is not beneficial to practice on 10' and play games on 9')

5th-6th Grade Boys and 5-6-7th Grade Girls 

  • No zone defense, double teaming or trapping at any time
  • May press at any time unless your team is up by 10 points or more; at that time, you must fall back to mid-court

7th/8th Grade Boys 

  • May press at any time unless your team is up by 10 points or more; at that time, you must fall back to mid-court

9th - 12th Grade Boys & Girls

  • All CYBA games will use straight High School Federation Rules, with the following exceptions:
  • May press at any time unless your team is up by 10 points or more; at that time, you must fall back to mid-court

Boys and girls in Grades 1st and 2nd will use a 27.5" ball.

Boys and girls in Grades 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th and girls in Grades 7th-12th will use a 28.5" ball.

Boys in Grades 7th-12th will use a full size ball


There is NO DUNKING ever during practices or games. Dunking will result in a technical foul and suspension from the next game.

Game Length
  • Two 20 minutes halves with a 3 minute intermission.  The clock will stop for the following: injuries, team time-outs and any reason deemed necessary by the officials.
  • Last minute of each half, the clock will stop according to Federation rules.
  • Overtime will be 2 minutes long.  This will be a continuous running clock, stopping only for the above reasons.
Time Outs
  • Two time-outs per half. (Time outs will be 1 minute in length)
  • Time-outs will not carry over from the first half to the second half or from the second half to overtime.
  • One time out for each overtime.
Player Participation & Substitution Rules

For grades 3-8

Number of Players/Playing Time:

10--All players will play 20 minutes.

9--Five players will play 20 minutes.
Four players will play 25 minutes (if you consistently have 9 players, it is required that the 25 minutes playing time will be distributed evenly over the course of the season alternating from game to game).

8--Each player will play 25 minutes.

7--Five players will play 30 minutes; two players will play 25 minutes.
The playing time will be distributed evenly over the  course of the season, alternating from game to game.

6--There will be some flexibility with normal substitution rules as worked out before the game with the references and opposing coach.

It is highly recommended to work out your substitution pattern in advance of game time to eliminate having to make judgments during the game that may not be accurate.  Coaches are required to have a written, verifiable player rotation.  Referees/scorekeepers have the right to ask for that rotation.

  • Substitution rules apply to leagues for Grades 3rd-8th only.
  • It is mandatory to substitute every five minutes regardless of the number of players on your team.  When the substitution time-out occurs, you must clear your bench unless you have eleven players.
  • No substitution will be made at any other time unless an injury occurs or a player fouls out.  You cannot substitute during time-outs unless a player is injured or fouls out.  If that occurs, you must notify the referee that you are doing so.  Failure to substitute according to the rules can result in a technical foul.
  • If a player leaves during the course of a game and the coach is aware prior to the start of the game, the coach must notify both the officials and the other coach prior to the start of the game itself.  If a player leaves because of illness, emergency or any other reason during the game, the coach must notify the officials and make every effort to play the remaining players equally.
  • Failure to comply with these rules can result in the forfeiture of the game.
Technical Foul Rules
  • Note that technical fouls are cumulative for the entire season.
  • **Rulebook technical fouls do not count against the coach nor do any technicals assessed to the team due to spectators behavior.**
  • Player Technicals:
    • 1st Technical: Player is removed from entire game (must remain seated on the bench). Exception: If a player dunks the ball this will result in a suspension from the next game. 
    • 2nd Technical: Player is removed from entire game (must remain seated on the bench). and suspended for next game.
    • 3rd Technical: ejection from game and suspended for the rest of the season

For example, if a player receives a technical foul in game one and then another in game three, the player will be ejected from the game and suspended for the following game.  Should the player receive a third technical, then the player will be suspended for the rest of the season.

  • Coach Technicals**:
    • 1st Technical: normal rules apply
    • 2nd Technical: ejection from the game and suspended for the rest of the season.
  • If a technical is called on a spectator, they will be asked to leave the gymnasium (and cannot watch) for the remainder of the game.  A second technical during the season will result in suspension from all playing facilities for the rest of the season.
  • Verbal or physical abuse of referees, coaches, players or other spectators will not be tolerated. Violators may be asked to leave or, if necessary, removed from the facility.
  • If you are suspended from the season for technicals, you will not be refunded your registration fees.

Loud/constant yelling from coaches from the sidelines during games will not be tolerated.  Giving direction to your players is important, however, it must be done within the confines of the Coaches Box.  Also, our facility staff/referees can use their discretion if behavior is 'over the top' or excessive. 

There can only be two (2) coaches on the bench with only one (1) coach standing within the Coaches Box, everyone else must be seated on your team's bench.  The officials will issue an initial bench warning, if more than two (2) coaches are on the bench.  After issuing the warning the officials can issue a technical foul, if there continues to be more than two (2) coaches on the bench.  


Medical Waiver:  Participants must recognize that all activities of a physical nature involve some risk and by registering for any

activity of this nature, there is an assumption of risk by the participant.  The Columbia Youth Basketball Association (CYBA) is

dedicated to providing safe facilities and equipment for all participants.  The CYBA, it’s Coaches, Directors and Coordinators—along

with the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department—assume no liability for personal injuries or loss of personal property of persons

participating in or attending CYBA activities. 

In the event of a serious accident or illness, it is the policy of the CYBA to:  

1.  Contact the Emergency Dispatch (911) to perform first aid and when necessary recommend transport of the victim to a hospital;

2.  Contact the parent or guardian as soon as the situation allows.  Persons desiring a different procedure must notify the CYBA in

writing at the time of registration and also notify the coach of the team that the participant is on.



CYBA hopes everyone has a great season and enjoys their experience volunteering to help kids play the great game of basketball.  If any coach has a question or issue they need help with, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.